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Since January 2014, Real Tool Reviews has grown from a very small YouTube channel — with 3 videos and 50 subscribers — to a team of highly qualified and well respected professionals in a wide range of trades.  Covering everything from automotive, construction, woodworking, DIY, and all points in between.  We pride ourselves in going “above and beyond” with everything we do — and it shows.  Our loyal subscribers are expanding rapidly, and we are proud to be the fastest growing YouTube tool review channel — and the most popular tool review channel on Instagram.

Due to our ever-growing viewer base, we have partnered with numerous other experts in many fields.  They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, and contribute real-world feedback, testing, and their points-of-view when it comes to the tools that they use.  We pride ourselves on providing you with the best, most in-depth, and honest reviews anywhere — and appreciate the trust that you put in us.



Daniel – Real Tool Reviews


The face that you probably already recognize.  Well known from the 260+ full video reviews on our YouTube channel — Real Tool Reviews.  Pushing tools to their limits, and proving what they actually can and will do is hugely important to us.  The videos that we make will fully explain the tools and accessories that are featured, and show you how to properly use them.  Countless hours are spent conducting runtime testing, performance testing, and building in the right footage to show you everything that you need to know about the tool.  Our goal with every review is to provide you with a complete & honest picture of what to expect — so you wont have to continue searching for information after you take the time to watch one of our reviews.  Whether it is a $10 pair of pliers, or a $300 drill —- we put the same amount of effort into every review — and it shows!

Lauren – Real Tool Reviews


Our behind the scenes web admin, design guru, and social media expert.  Lauren coordinates all scheduling, reviews, and tools/products that we feature.  Her vision has brought us to where we are today — and her #1 goal is to provide fair and balanced coverage to tools/accessories in all price ranges and budgets.  She is focused on finding new and upcoming products that are useful and beneficial to our readers — while also avoiding the ones that are “gimmicks” or are a waste of time and money.  If there is one thing you should notice right off the bat when checking out our lineup — we only feature the best.  You can thank her for that!

Garage SparksBrian – Briansmobile1


Brian is an ASE Certified Technician.  He works full-time with his highly successful automotive repair YouTube channel — Briansmobile1.  He has helped countless people repair their vehicles by teaching them the skills and techniques needed to do the job in their own garage or driveway.  His unique style fully explains (in terms anyone can understand), and prior to joining the Real Tool Reviews team, we personally have watched his videos for more than the previous 5 years.  During that time, his channel has exploded in growth and popularity — now reaching over 163,000 subscribers & totaling more than 55,000,000 unique views!  Click here to check out Brian’s full bio!

charles 150x150Charles – The Humble Mechanic


Charles is a VW Master Certified Technician.  He works at a Volkswagen dealership, and also operates HumbleMechanic.com & the corresponding YouTube channel — The Humble Mechanic.  Through his experience with Volkswagens, he is able to explain not only repairs — but also the “ins & outs” of things such as “VW Dieselgate“, common failures on specific models, and routinely answers viewer questions in his videos.  His website and YouTube channel has rapidly grown, and is expanding faster than almost any other automotive related channel online.  He currently has more than 53,000 YouTube subscribers — and another 22,000 between his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages!  Click here to check out Charles’s full bio!

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