Charles – The Humble Mechanic

Growing up I was a tinkerer. I was the kid always taking things apart, and back then they rarely went back together. By the age of six, I was doing tune ups on my bicycle. While my mom was never thrilled about it, she let me learn from my successes, and failures.

I started my love of cars and tools when I was about 16. My first car was a Jeep, and I started doing little things like taking parts off and refinishing them. Then I moved into doing work on car audio. I was the go to for installing all my buddies’ radios.

After working years of retail, I wanted to shift my passion into a career. I attended automotive tech school, then followed that up with manufacturer specific training. That training landed me a job as a Volkswagen dealer technician. Over the last 12 plus years I have been fixing and maintaining Volkswagens. I have seen a lot of good, and a lot of crazy issues over the years.


The desire to share my experience working on VWs prompted me to launch & Humble Mechanic (YouTube). I wanted to achieve 2 things:

  1. Share my knowledge with other technicians to help them reach their career goals
  2. Help customers understand some of the scary things about getting their car serviced.

I am currently working as a VW dealership tech. I also do the video show Humble Mechanic. Over the years I have had some awesome opportunities.

  • Become the first VW master certified technician in my dealer group
  • Assist in revamping the latest A.S.E test for HVAC
  • Work with the RedBull GRC team for Tanner Foust.
  • Write articles and tool reviews for Tech Shop Magazine.

In addition to that, I have been able to help ton of people with their cars. Anything from advice on getting it fixed at a shop, to producing DIY videos so they can fix their own car, or making smart tool buying choices.