BETA C-20 Cantilever Tool Box – BETA Utensili

The BETA C-20 is a well made metal cantilever toolbox that really gives a professional appearance to people that see it. Because of the unique way that a cantilever box works, you basically can see the entire contents at one time without having to “dig through” the various tools when they are piled on the bottom of a standard tool bag or box.

Recently we had an HVAC technician show up carrying a fishing tackle box that was covered in dirt & grease. While it was functional for him, and definitely held the various tools he needed — the appearance was horrible & completely unprofessional. That got us thinking….”what would be a good way to not only do the job, but also look good at the same time?” — The answer was a nice looking toolbox!
Because of the metal construction, the BETA is also going to be very resistant to damage caused by rodents (i.e. — mice chewing holes through a tool bag) & the painted finish will easily wipe off any dirt or grease that comes in contact with it. The fact that there are 5 separate storage spaces really allows you to distribute your tools according to whichever job you are working on & you will always know exactly where they are.

While metal toolboxes definitely are not for everybody, for those people looking for a well made, professional looking box, this is definitely one you should consider. Depending on the size requirements of your tools, BETA does offer this in different configurations — ranging from a 3-section smaller box to a longer 5-section box.

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