Beta Tools Grip Screwdrivers – 1263/D10 – BETA Utensili

Published on Dec 7, 2014

The Beta Grip 10-pc Screwdriver set (1263/D10) is a good “all around” set that includes many different sizes and lengths. It will definitely cover what most people run into, since they do have 6 flat head & 4 Phillips sizes. Two of the screwdrivers are even “stubbies” for those hard-to-reach areas where nothing else will work.

The handles are made of two materials — a hard plastic (orange) & a softer black (rubber) portion. The shape of the handle makes them very comfortable to use, whether you have very large or even very small hands.

Because of their unique color scheme, it makes finding them very easy in a crowded shop/garage environment. Especially if your co-workers have a habit of “borrowing” tools when you aren’t around…the bright neon orange will stand out & will ensure that your tools make it back to your toolbox.

Overall, I think that this is a good set of screwdrivers (many different sizes, lengths, and handle sizes). It should work for most people….but there are a few things that you should keep in mind :

– They are not insulated. If you are an electrician, or working around electrical outlets, these will not protect you from getting shocked.

– They are standard drivers and not “bolstered”. So, if you need extra leverage, you will not be able to attach a wrench for extra torque.

– The finish is “satin” — not chrome. I think that this makes is much easy to clean and it will look better for longer. Chrome finishes tend to smear, smudge, get scratched, and even chip off.

– Keep in mind these are screwdrivers & not scrapers or chisels or pry bars. You should always have the “right tool” for the job, and if you use the Beta Grips incorrectly & end up damaging them…it will probably count as “abuse” and will not be covered by the warranty.

Check out the video to see them for yourself!



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