In the spirit of full disclosure, we would like to be as transparent as possible with our readers, viewers, and subscribers. Unfortunately we have seen a lot of very questionable product reviews, posts, and promoted content (specifically tool and accessory related) that hurt the tool review community as a whole.  We strive to provide consistent, honest, and 100% accurate reviews of every product that we review —  and judging from the positive comments and feedback that we get every single day, almost all of our viewers feel the same way.


Real Tool Reviews (website & corresponding YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts) is often provided with tools and accessories directly from the manufacturer free-of-charge.  This allows us to continually expand our content releases and provide the public with our opinions and demonstrations of current and upcoming products.  We bring you reviews not only for the “latest and greatest tools“, but also the very unique ones that you otherwise would have never known about.  We also review many tools and accessories that were 100% purchased at full retail price (by us), and give no preferential treatment to any brand or product, despite how it was acquired.  Although we may have 100% paid for the item we are reviewing, if you are not sure — always assume it was provided at no-charge when taking our opinion into account with your purchasing choices.  In addition to this, certain tools may be loaned, rented, or temporarily in our possession in order to best complete a given review.

The common theme to all of our reviews is always the same — honesty.  We have not, will not, and do not review tools or accessories that we do not feel will perform well, have quality control issues, or are not quality items.  We take great pride in the trust that you place in our reviews, and value you all as readers and subscribers.  The absolute best reward that we get from reviewing tools is reading your comments after you purchased an item & are happy with the quality and performance of it.

We are compensated via the following :

  •  Advertising (banner ads, YouTube ads/commercials, Site Sponsorship/Supporting Brands, etc)
  • Affiliate Commission (Links to websites — i.e. – Amazon — support us by clicking the provided links for products & buy them at no additional cost to you!)
  • Sponsored Events (trips to new tool launches, media events, and conventions)

A very popular thing that we like to do are “Free Giveaways”.  We will NEVER ask you to provide your personal information in order to enter a contest.  The one & only way that you will ever need to disclose anything, is if you win!  At that time we will need your name & mailing address, so the manufacturer can send you your prize.

PLEASE NOTE : We are never compensated for hosting a giveaway!  We arrange them to “give back” to our loyal followers, and are in a unique situation with many manufacturers that they will agree to provide the tools & free shipping for the winner(s).  Always assume that the manufacturer is providing the tools for the giveaways to gain additional interest for their products & their brand.  We pick and choose which tools/accessories to feature in them & always focus on high-quality items only!

Our goal in the tool review community is to provide you with a unique, honest, and consistent supply to high quality reviews.  We are able to do this because of viewers like you!  Proving or disproving manufacturer claims, showing you real world testing, and giving you all the information to make the most informed decisions is the guidelines that we follow with every review.

We want to thank you for watching, reading, and supporting our reviews!  You are also a part of the tool review community & we appreciate the trust that you have put in us!