Earthquake XT Composite Xtreme Torque Air Impact Wrenches! (1/2″ & 3/4″) 62891 / 62892

Coming in as the top-rated impacts in the freshly expanded Earthquake lineup — the new XT versions are designed to compete with the major truck brands (specifically Snap-on).  These have turned out to be one of the most-requested tools that we’ve featured up until now.  The torque claims, weight, and size are at or above much of the higher-priced competitors — so we decided to test out both models.

For automotive applications, the 1/2″ impact is ideal because of the relatively small size.  For heavy-duty jobs, the 3/4″ impact will be a lot more effective at dealing with the over-sized fasteners that you will typically see on heavy equipment, machinery, or tractor trailers.

The overall construction, “look/feel“, and operation of both impacts are pretty much the same.  The biggest differences will be the size, weight, and power levels.

We ran multiple torque tests on each impact — in forward & reverse.  Rather than rely on the manufacturer specs, here are the actual numbers :


1/2″ XT (Model 62891)

Dynamic Torque

  • Forward Low = 261
  • Forward Med = 312
  • Forward High = 445
  • Reverse Low = 277
  • Reverse Med = 330
  • Reverse High = 452

Max Working Torque

  • Forward = 855
  • Reverse = 986


3/4″ Impact (Model # 62892)

Dynamic Torque

  • Forward Low = 448
  • Forward Med = 630
  • Forward High = 910
  • Reverse Low = 340
  • Reverse Med = 552
  • Reverse High = 909

Max Working Torque

  • Forward = 1,514
  • Reverse = 1,508

The 1/2″ XT packs a punch….and comparing our torque specs (as tested) to what Harbor Freight claims about these, they appear to be in line with the numbers that they list with each unit.  For almost any automotive application — such as  lugnuts, suspension parts, interior/exterior fasteners — the 1/2″ would be ideal.

As expected, the 3/4″ XT is more powerful — what we didn’t expect was that it would be “this powerful“.  This feels similar in torque levels as a 1” impact wrench.  It is a relatively lightweight unit (under 8lbs) is on-par with most high-torque 1/2″ cordless impacts — but with power that far exceeds them.  It actually has so much torque, that many automotive-related repairs would probably be overkill.  This would be best suited for heavy-duty truck repairs, farm equipment, machinery, and stubborn crank bolts.

Here are the various features of the XT Impacts :

  • 3 speed/power modes (in forward & reverse)
  • Push-button directional change
  • Hog ring/Friction ring anvil
  • 90 PSI Working Pressure
  • Variable-Speed Trigger
  • Composite Housing
  • 1/4″ NPT Inlet (1/2″ XT)
  • 3/8″ NPT Inlet (3/4″ XT)
  • Twin Hammer Mechanism
  • 90-Day Warranty

If one thing stood out as a negative with these new XT Impacts, it would be the warranty.  Out of the box, they only include a 90-day limited warranty…..however, it can easily be expanded by an additional 1 or 2 years with an extended warranty.  The price to extend the warranty is affordable, but it does increase the overall cost.  We weren’t sure of the costs of this, so we called the 1-800 # & found out.

1/2″ version = 1yr plan for $19.99 / 2yr plan for $34.99

3/4″ version = 1yr plan for $29.99 / 2yr plan for $49.99

Overall, both of the XT’s are definitely “a lot of impact for the money“.  For new guys & also seasoned mechanics — if you haven’t upgraded impacts in the last few years, most likely these will be a big jump in power for you.

Click here to get the 1/2″ Earthquake XT Impact!

Click here to get the 3/4″ Earthquake XT Impact!

Remember to match up the impact you choose with what you typically are working on.  As with any tool, accessories will definitely be needed — and with impacts, you will need impact sockets.  Using standard “chrome” sockets (which are designed for hand tools) is dangerous & can split/explode when used with impacts.  For the best performance of your XT & also to prevent accidental damage — use impact sockets.

Check out the full video review to see them for yourself!