EGO 56v Chainsaw – 14″ Brushless

Published on Oct 5, 2014

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This is EGO’s newest addition to their already impressive cordless lineup of outdoor power equipment…..the 56v Chainsaw. It comes stock with a 14″ Oregon bar & chain (easy to find and easy to replace).

I went through 4 battery charges in my testing with this unit, and was once again impressed by the amount of power that they can get out of a cordless battery powered tool. Now, this is not a replacement for the professional’s gas saw, but for the homeowner/DIYer, it is an excellent choice. There is no more buying gas, mixing gas, dealing with fumes, hard starts, or yearly maitenance “tune ups” at the small engine repair shop every year.

EGO has a 5 year warranty on the saw & a 3 year warranty on the battery, so if either breaks (and it is not your fault), they are going to fix it for you free of charge.

In this video I will be cutting down a VERY large tree…..this is NOT recommended by EGO or me, so please do not attempt unless you are a professional. I just wanted to show the power and performance that they do pack into this unit.

Check out the video to see what the EGO Chainsaw is capable of!