EGO 56v Cordless Hedge Trimmer HT2400 / HT2401

The EGO 56v Hedge Trimmer is a huge leap over traditional corded trimmers that lack power, cutting length, and having the deal with extension cords. It is powered by the EGO 56v Lithium Battery packs, and comes standard with the 2.0ah compact version that is not only lightweight — but also gives this trimmer extreme run times.

The first thing that I noticed when I opened up the box was the size….this is literally as big as the heavy-duty gas-powered models that I have used in the past, with one big difference — the weight. Coming in at under 7lbs, it is very manageable & does not wear you out like the heavier gas counterparts.

Most homeowners trim their bushes/hedges/shrubs one of 3 ways — By hand, with a corded hedge trimmer, or even with a weedearter. All of those may work, but they are time-consuming and/or sloppy & you cannot effectively make long straight lines and cuts without extreme effort. Because the EGO has the 24″ bar standard, you are able to not only “cut” the time it takes you to get the job done — you are going to get professional looking results, without having to hire a landscaper!

I ended up trimming all of the bushes/shrubs in the yard, as well as that extremely long (500’+) driveway over 8′ high…..and the battery never died. EGO claims that this can go for over an hour of constant use & I do not doubt it…..I literally ran out of things to trim before the EGO ran out of power.

Check out the video to see it in action for yourself!