Homelite UTI2100S 2,100-Watt Quiet Tailgate Generator / Inverter

Published on Oct 31, 2014

Get the Homelite UTI2100S at the Home Depot — http://www.homedepot.com/p/Homelite-S…

For many years the only options for generators have been very large & very loud machines that wake up the neighbors…..and recently I have been seeing more and more of these new “quiet” units popping up around the hardware stores. Although these smaller units may not power an entire job site full of workers, they will more than suffice for many people who use them as an emergency source of power, misc DIY projects, or even camping.

The Homelite UTI2100S is designed to be a good combination of power, size, and (most importantly) noise level. While it is running, two people can easily carry on a conversation as they are standing right beside it. The power level actually surprised me, since I brought out a whole range of heavy-duty power tools to test it out….and the Homelite had no issues providing enough power to run each of them just like if they were plugged into the wall.

One really nice feature of the UTI2100S is that they have a built-in “auto-idle” switch that will automatically increase the RPMs & power when needed, but will lower it back down when you don’t — saving gas & wear and tear on the unit.

With this particular unit, Homelite even partnered with a company called Skin-it to throw in a FREE vinyl “skin” for your generator. They give you the option of choosing pre-made skins of your favorite sports teams….or you can do what I did, and upload your own custom pictures & they will print those out for you. In each box, there is an online redemption code & I ordered everything for exactly $0.00. Two and a half weeks later it was on the doorstep.

It comes in at about 43lbs (dry) & once you add in a gallon of gas, it bumps the total weight up to just at 50lbs. That is not light by any means, but it is very sturdy and manageable for anyone who can carry in a couple armloads of groceries.

Overall, I think that this is a great little generator that will meet most people’s needs. As long as you follow the directions and do the proper maintenance, it should last you a very long time.

Here are a few tips :

– Only use 100% gasoline for longest trouble-free life (ethanol based gasoline WILL damage the engine).
– Gas will go “stale”, much like soda will go flat. There is about a 30 day window that gas will stay “fresh”, so if you are not using it for a project/camping trip/etc, do not store gas in the tank long-term without fuel additive.
– Run the unit for 5 minutes once per month. If an engine sits for an extended period of time, the seals/gaskets deteriorate & you run the risk of something breaking right when you need it!
– NEVER run the unit indoors (including sheds/garages) — Exhaust fumes can & will kill you in minutes.