HOW TO : RIDGID Gen5X Circular Saw – Fix Adjustment Knob

In response to a viewer question about the new RIDGID Gen5X Circular Saw, we are making this quick how-to video to explain what the problem you may be having with the adjustment levers & how to quickly fix them.

The viewer writes :

“So, I just bought the Gen5x kit and went to use this saw today and the blade depth adjustment won’t lock. I can see the metal plate it’s supposed to pinch to secure the slider in place but it just doesn’t reach it. It’s like the entire assembly needs to be 1 or 2 threads closer. I putzed around a bit with the plastic handle but to no avail. My guess is I may have to unscrew the entire thing, remove the plastic handle, screw it in further than it was before, put the plastic handle back? Not really positive though. Any ideas? Cuz the saw is useless without being able to lock the depth.”

The good news is that there is nothing wrong with the saw! The design has a unique captive nut/bolt system with a spring loaded lever (thumb-knob) on top of it that allows you to increase leverage on the bolt & also have the ability to change the angle of the lever. In order to adjust it, make sure that the bolt is tight & then pull out on the black lever until you can freely rotate it left or right. You then need to move it to your desired location and push it back onto the nut. Now the lever will be re-aligned & you can then tighten or loosen the captive bolt with no more clearance issues.