Ingersoll Rand D5140 Drill/Driver 20v Cordless IQv20

Published on Dec 2, 2014

There are 3 different options for the D5140 :

– D5140 = Bare tool w/no extras
– D5140-K1 = Drill, charger, case, and (1) 3.0ah battery
– D5140-K2 = Drill, charger, case, and (2) 3.0ah batteries

The Ingersoll Rand D5140 is part of their IQv20 lineup of tools, and uses the same batteries/charger as their flagship cordless impact — the W7150. Because of the massive amount of power that this drill produces, it is only compatible with the high capacity battery packs & not the compact battery packs.

They built in some useful features, such as the rotatable handle that allows you to clamp it down tight in many positions VS only 2 positions like many other manufacturers do. So whether you are drilling with a lot of room, or in a tight space, the D5140 is going to adapt to the situation very easily.

Also, they are able to not only produce a ton of power (700 in-lbs), but they also are able to maintain that over the life of the battery. In the testing you will see in this video, I noticed no change in speed or power until I got to the last two holes before the battery finally died.

The D5140 is not a lightweight drill, but it is also very comfortable and manageable. It weighs just over 5 lbs, and because the weight is distributed well, it feels great in the hand.

Check out the video to see the features of the D5140 & many clips of it in action!


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