Ingersoll Rand W5150 IQv20 Mid Torque 1/2″ Impact Wrench

This is a great addition to the IQv20 series of tools & I really like the fact that it uses the same sized sockets as the W7150 (1/2″ drive), but it literally weighs half as much.

Despite it’s relatively small size, the W5150 has a lot of power and was able to easily remove the various lugnuts and suspension parts that I put it up against. For the really tight/seized ones, you would want to break out the W7150….but for the normal fasteners that you will run into on a vehicle, this does a great job. Because it is so light (3 1/2 lbs), it doesnt make your arm or wrist sore & it is easy to work with all day long.

As with all IR IQv20 tools, the case that comes with the kit has a removable lid (for easy toolbox storage) & it is made out of very heavy duty blow-mold plastic. The charger not only will re-charge the tool’s batteries….but there is even a USB port on the side, so you can recharge you cell phone or tablet while you work.

Check out the video to see the W5150 in action!


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