Interlocking Floor Tiles

Foam tiles are usually not the first type of flooring you would think about for installing in your wood shop or any shop/workout area in particular.  However, if the anti-fatigue mats aren’t cutting it this may be something you want to think about installing.

Foam mats take a lot of pressure off of your knees, hips, elbows (if you are doing some floor work or workout out doing some planks) They are also easy to clean, so that’s a bonus.  Of course, they are not perfect if you are using wood chips as they will get into the cracks, but you could easily unlock the tiles and clean them with a rag if you really wanted too.

Overall, after installing these floors, we have much less stress on our joints.

In this video review we take a closer look at the floors, how to install them and show you some examples of clean up with this type of flooring.