Knipex 8″ Electrical Installation Pliers

8″ Electrical Installation Pliers

6-In-One-Tool (13 Series) Electrical Installation Pliers
KNIPEX has designed a new type of installation pliers to complement the diagonal cutter. These pliers combine the basic functions of 5 other tools, which are essential for electrical installation; Side Cutting Pliers, Long Nose Pliers, Wire Strippers, Crimping Pliers and Cable Shears. This multi-functional pair of pliers is ideal for electricians who want to reduce the amount of tools they carry.
Available with dipped handles (13 81 8), comfort grip handles (13 82 8), and 1000V insulated handles (13 88 8 US).

6 functions in one pair of pliers:

  • Cutting: cable shears with induction hardened cutting edges for copper and aluminum cables; cuts stranded wire up to 9/16″ and solid wire up to 5/32″
  • Stripping: stripping holes for 12 and 14 AWG
  • Crimping: crimp die for 12-20 AWG
  • Gripping: serrated gripping surfaces and pipe grip for flat and round material
  • Bending: smooth surface near the tips for a non-damaging grip when forming wire loops
  • Deburring: clear-cut outside edge for reaming conduit or pipe and for deburring feed-through holes

See the KNIPEX difference…watch below to learn more!