Knipex Cobra – VS – Irwin Groovelock

Published on Oct 14, 2014

Recently I did a full review on the Knipex Cobra Pliers, and there seems to be some confusion about the differences between them & the Irwin Groovelock Pliers. I decided to show you, rather than just write out a reply & even went down to Lowes to buy a brand new pair for comparison purposes.

The Knipex Cobras are one of, if not the most popular and well liked self locking pliers on the market today. They work extremely well, and they perform where others fail.

The Irwin Groovelock pliers do look similar to the Cobras, but there are many differences that make the two completely different in real world applications. In this video I will show you exactly what my thoughts are on them, and why I do not think that they are the same.

Check out the video to see the two pliers for yourself!

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