Knipex Front End Alignments and Precision Wire Cutters


Knipex has released two different types of tools that would be perfect for front end alignments and precision.

Swedish Pipe Wrenches – S-type (83 30 XXX)

The Swedish Pipe Wrench S-Type (83 30 xxx) is perfect for front end alignments. The jaws have offset teeth that go in opposite directions for a locking grip at three different points. The head shape is narrow to get into the tightest places.

  • Induction hardened teeth for longer service life
  • Three-point gripping on objects; self-locking
  • I-beam handle design
  • Captive adjusting nut for quick and easy adjustment
  • Red powder-coated jaws bright ground

KNIPEX Center Cutter (74 91 250)

 Our High Leverage Center Cutter cuts thick wire with less effort than other diagonal cutters.  The precision center cutting edges are made to cut soft, hard and piano wire.

  • Heavy-duty fixed forged axle rivet joint ensures smooth, operation and life
  • With precision cutting edges for soft, hard and piano wire
  • Cuts thick wires with less effort than other diagonal cutters of the same length
  • Cutting edges are in the center of the head
  • High cutting performance with minimal effort due to optimum coordination of the cutting edge angle, transmission ration and ergonomic handle shape
  • Cutting edge hardness approx. 64 HRC.