Knipex Pliers Wrench – 86-05-250 – Made in Germany

Unlike a standard pair of pliers, the Knipex Pliers Wrench has a totally unique design that has far more useful applications in the real world.

The jaws are perfectly smooth & will not damage/mar/indent the surface of the fastener that you are working on (such as brass, chrome, or plastics). The unique camming action allows the jaws to close perfectly evenly & the pressure is the same the entire way across….this really helps preventing slippage or rounding of corners.

Another great feature is the ratcheting action that occurs by slightly loosening your grip on them, rotating the pliers, and reapplying pressure. There is no need to physically remove & reposition the pliers in order to turn a fastener effectively.

Check out the video to see them in action!

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