KNIPEX Raptor Pliers – Press Release

KNIPEX Raptor Pliers – (87 41 250 RAP)

The 10″ Raptor Pliers combines the gripping capability of a pliers with the tightening power of a wrench! Smooth jaws grip workpieces in 3 places and provide a firm and secure hold. The perfect tool for working with bolts and rusted nuts with rounded edges.

  • For inch and metric nuts and screws with widths across flats from 3/8″ up to 1 1/4″; self-locking in the range from 11/16″
  • Zero backlash gripping of inch or metric hexagonal head screws; no rounding of screw heads
  • Reliable and tight gripping of rounded, rusty or overly painted nuts and screws; ideal for work on vehicle brake systems
  • Quick tightening of nuts and bolts using the ratchet principle
  • Replaces a set of wrenches; ideal for tightening locknuts