LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler

If you have ever used a grease gun — then you already know — they’re messy, hard to install, hard to remove, and usually are a huge pain.

So, after all these years someone finally came up with a better way!  Not only can the LockNLube work with any standard grease gun — meaning pistol grip, mini, cordless, and pneumatic — it also can easily be installed/removed in seconds.  No mess, no struggling, and no leaks!

We tested these out on numerous styles, and came to the same conclusion — they work!

Simply remove the old coupler than is installed on your grease gun currently, thread the LockNLube in place, and get to work.  There is a large thumb-tab that you press down which exposes the jaws, line it up to the zerk fitting, and release.  It literally pops on that fast.  Removing it is as simple as pressing the tab and pulling it off the fitting.

Because of the locking design, it will not pop off!  So, lets say you have a bulldozer or tractor, and the bushings are worn out (meaning you dump half a tube of grease in sometimes) — no more popping off halfway through covering you & the machine in grease!


Here are some specs :

  • Universal fit
  • Locking design – wont pop off
  • 1/8″ NPT threads
  • 10,000 PSI rating
  • Rebuildable (rebuild kit included!)
  • Solid metal construction

For the guy that repairs small engines, these are a lifesaver.  Mower decks, steering linkage, and axles are a breeze — especially if you are using a powered unit.  I popped one of these on an Ingersoll Rand 20v Grease Gun, and the hardest part literally is watching for the fresh grease to come out behind the old stuff.  No more making your hand sore and cramped up — just hold the trigger!

There are two downsides from what I can tell.

First, eventually you will wear it out and it will need to be rebuilt.  This is very easy to do & they do include one rebuild kit for free with each unit.  After that you must buy more kits, but the cost is minimal.

Secondly, in tight areas these just wont fit.  You do need to have more room above the fitting than you normally would with a regular coupler.  Also, these do not have a 90 degree version…only straight.  So keep that in mind.

All in all, I think that they are by far the best upgrade that you can do to any grease gun, and should hold up well for many years (and many cases of grease) to come!

Check out the full video review to see what these can do!