MAC Precision Torque Sockets

Published on Jan 6, 2015

The Mac Precision Torque Sockets are a unique design as far as sockets go, and are advertised as being able to remove damaged fasteners that are “up to 85% rounded off”.

In this video I will go over the 3/8″ Metric Deepwell set, that ranges from 6mm-19mm without skipping any sizes. They all seem to have the same feel/quality to them, and none of them had any damage straight out of the box. Also included is a nice aluminum socket rail with retention pegs that swivel 360 degrees…..meaning you can line everything up nice & neat with no issues.

The internal design is very similar to the Snap-on Flank Drive+ & WrightGRIP lineup of wrenches. It has “teeth” that lock into a damaged fastener, allowing you to remove it (where a normal socket would slip).

Check out the video to see them for yourself!



Check out the MAC Precision Torque Sockets here