Makita DC18RD Rapid Charger – Dual Port – 18V LXT

Published on Dec 19, 2014

Here is more info on the Makita DC18RD —…

This is the newest charger in the Makita lineup, and it is able to charge two batteries at the same time….greatly speeding up your ability to get work done fast!

Each port is putting out 9amps of power to the batteries. To keep things cool, Makita has fans built in the charger that circulates air through the batteries in order to maximize battery life & charge times. Internally the charger even “talks” to the battery to optimize the amount of power flowing into it….and it wont charge until it is safe (i.e. — if the battery is too hot from extended use, it will allow it to cool down prior to charging).

Also on the front of the unit is a USB port that is “always on”, and will charge your cell phone or tablet for added convenience. It is very nice to only need one outlet VS 3 outlets to do the same thing (as two battery chargers & a cell phone charger).

These are going to hit the shelves starting in January 2015, and carry a one year warranty from Makita.

Check out the video to see it for yourself!