Midwest Aviation Snips – MADE IN USA

In this review I will go over one of the most dependable, often used, and never disappointing tools in my garage…..the Midwest Aviation Snip.

Although many brands offer aviation snips, very few actually make quality products that will most likely outlive the owner (with proper care). I have used Midwest Snips for many years & have never had one issue with any of them. They are extremely well made & durable…..and I use them for everything from cutting metal, to opening blow-mold plastic packaging, to cutting banding straps. They are literally my “go-to” pair of garage cutters.

The 3 pairs that I talk about in the video are all rated to cut up-to 18 gauge metal & they do it with ease. Check out the video and I think you will be impressed


Click here for more info about Midwest Aviation Snips — http://www.midwestsnips.com