Milwaukee 60″ Mobile Work Bench


Today we learned about a new addition to the Milwaukee tool storage lineup — a 60″ Mobile Work Bench!  These are just hitting stores — and it looks like they will launch before any official announcement!

This unit appears to have the same construction as the hugely popular 46″ Tool Chest (that we previously reviewed).  It is coming in at over a foot wider than the top/bottom tool chest combo — and has a lot more storage capacity than the standard bottom box.milwaukee 60 inch (1)

The drawer configuration is much more well-suited for automotive uses, and judging from the massive amount of feedback that we have heard since last year’s launch — many mechanics that were holding out for a wider 1-level box will be very pleased to see that it includes a full-size wood work surface.  The drawers all have the unique “soft close” mechanism that gently pulls the drawer in fully when shutting — preventing your tools from slamming around and keeping a clean look outside.

In total there are 11 drawers — with the two large bottom drawers having adjustable/removable dividers and tool holders.  This allows for maximum space savings & better organization with things like drills or impacts.  It is worth noting that all the drawers include pre-cut drawer liners — preventing damage to your tools or the box — and saving you at least $50-$100 upfront (vs buying them aftermarket like most boxes).

Since this is a standalone unit, we assume that the included keys will operate the main top lock, lower drawer lock & the auxiliary cabinet lock the same (not different keys like the mismatched top/bottom combo units).  That will allow you to unlock the top drawers and/or bottom drawers & then keep your valuables such as a wallet, cell phone, or records separate and secure in the side cabinet when not in use.  The side cabinet has an adjustable shelf (3 positions) and would also work well for power tool storage — which can easily run into thousands of dollars.  This lowers the risk of your tools “walking off” when you aren’t around, and keeps them in one place.

The specifications on this box are :

  • 11 Drawers Total
  • Locking Side Cabinet
  • Adjustable-Height Metal Pegboard
  • 6 Industrial 5″ Casters (4 locking swivel / 2 rigid)
  • Two-Slide Drawer Capacity = 100 lbs
  • Four-Slide Drawer Capacity = 200 lbs
  • Pegboard Capacity = 200 lbs
  • Total Capacity = 2,200 lbs

On the right hand side is the signature power strip — flush mounted for a clean look.   It has screw bosses that align perfectly with the Milwaukee dual voltage charger & it can easily be hung on the side of the box to keep your workbench clean.  Under that you will notice a shelf along the base — this can be used for chemical/oil/bulk storage (or can be removed to save space).

Each of the casters appear to be 5″ — however, just like the current combo box — it does not appear that they include zerk fittings for easy maintenance (greasing).  You will need to still use a grease gun with needle attachment to effectively maintain them over time.

The left hand side has a quick-access tool storage bar.  This will allow you to hang things such as a prybar, breaker bar, or ratchets out of the way & easily accessible for when you need to use them.  For space savings, this can also easily be removed.

There is a very large metal pegboard installed on the rear.  Unlike many other tool carts with a pegboard option, this one is not stationary — it slides up/down to allow you to position if for you needs & then you can easily lock it in place to prevent wasted space!

Assuming Milwaukee kept the same overall construction as their current box — this one is going to be a hot seller.  It is going to give you storage space, heavy-duty construction, and a durable finish for MUCH less than the competition — coming in at $599!  Check these out in the store at the Home Depot soon — they are just now being shipped!

**** BIG THANKS to Nathan for the heads-up, pictures, and for helping Real Tool Reviews be #1 ***