Milwaukee Chalk Reels – Coming Feb 2016

Let’s talk Chalk… Coming February 2016 Milwaukee is releasing their new improved version of the chalk reel.  While most chalk reels are made with a spur gear system.  Milwaukee’s new chalk reels feature a planetary gear system that distributes forces evenly over three gears, putting less stress on internal components to prolong life.

We got to see these Chalk reels in person in Milwaukee last year and test them out.  The chalk lines are precise and clear with a strong presence of color… aka it wasn’t hard to detect the chalk line and didn’t easily wipe off either.  With a simple flick of the finger once you put the reel where you wanted it, you could see the chalk dust slap right into place.

The Precision reels come in blue and the Bold reels come in Red. (Replacement lines will also be available)