Milwaukee M12 FUEL 5-3/8″ Circular Saw 2530-20 / 2530-21XC

The Milwaukee M12 FUEL Circular Saw is one of the newest tool in the rapidly expanding M12 lineup, and has a great combination of being lightweight, powerful, and has very long run times.

Right out of the box, the saw doesn’t look like it can compete with the larger full size 18v versions of circular saws on the market today, but after charging the batteries up & testing it out, we quickly saw that was not the case.

Although it doesn’t have the cut depth & speed of the larger saws, it still plows through wood very quickly & because of its small size, it doesn’t wear your arm out! Throughout our non-stop run-time testing, the saw never overheated & performed the same the whole way through. We sliced up 2x4s & OSB, and were amazed when we compared the M12’s numbers with what we got last year out of the M18 FUEL….it was literally 90% of those totals! For a 12v saw….to compete with the M18 FUEL, is really impressive!

This is the first cordless saw that we have used with a left-hand blade orientation (most of the 18v versions have the blade on the right-hand side). At first it took a little “getting used to”, but I quickly found a great use for it around here —- cutting up pallets! My father & I both like woodworking, and the major expense other than tools is definitely materials. By reclaiming wood from (free or cheap) pallets, we are able to create a lot of woodworking projects at no cost —- other than our time!

Check out the video to see this surprisingly powerful saw for yourself!