Milwaukee M12 Heated Hoodie

Published on Nov 3, 2014

For the last 2 weeks, I have been wearing the new Milwaukee M12 Heated Hoodie (model # 2381) every day. It is extremely comfortable, lightweight, and when you turn it on… gets VERY warm!

The cool thing about the Milwaukee Hoodie, is not only can you power it off of the included M12 battery — but you can also power it from a M18 battery (with power port adapter) & also using your 12v cigarette outlet in your vehicle!

They even designed these to be machine washable/dryable (which I test in the video) so you dont have to wear a dirty hoodie all winter long. My only suggestion is to wash them on “delicate mode”, so your washing machine doesn’t chew them up/damage them (like mine likes to with blue jeans).

I am 6’2″ & 175lbs, so I went with the large size version. I like the fact that when I extend my arms, the sleeves still end at my wrists & it doesnt feel like it is too small for me. Also, because it is form fitting, I will be able to wear a light jacket over top of it this winter as the temps start to drop outside.

These are for sale at the Home Depot, and the kits come with a Hoodie, charger, battery adapter, and one M12 1.5ah compact battery.

Check out the video to see them for yourself!


Check out the M12 Heated Hoodie at Home Depot here —…