Milwaukee M12/M18 TRUEVIEW LED Lantern/Flood Lights – 2363 / 2362

Published on Oct 19, 2014

A couple months ago I got a chance to see these new TRUEVIEW LED lights at the annual Milwaukee product event in person, and was very happy to see that not only do they run on the current M12 & M18 batteries, but they also are extremely durable, have awesome light quality, and extremely long runtimes.

In this video I will show you both the M12 (2362-20) & the M18 (2363-20) models of the LED Lantern/Flood Lights. The operation & functionality of them both are pretty much the same….but of course, the M18 will have a higher light output & longer runtimes.

If you work with any sort of wires in a low light situation, that can really pose a problem when the light you are using is causing the colors to change slightly. HVAC techs, Electricians, Mechanics, Voice/Data installers, etc need to be able to ensure they are cutting the correct wires & not just hope for the best. These lights literally replicate the “clean light” of daylight, which will allow you to rest assured that you are working on the correct wires.

For safety, they even built in a “strobe mode” that will cause the light to flash very quickly (for up to 18 hours with the M18 & 15 hours with the M12), so if you are stuck on a boat with engine problems…..stuck on the side of the road changing a tire…..or stuck in the woods with a broken leg, the Milwaukee Flood Lights will let anyone nearby see you and get help.

The M12 version (2362-20) has 4 settings :

Low – 40 lumens
Medium – 200 lumens
High – 400 lumens
Strobe mode – 400 lumens (flashing)

The M18 version (2363-20) has 4 settings :

Low – 70 lumens
Medium – 350 lumens
High – 700 lumens
Strobe mode – 700 lumens (flashing)

Check out the video to see them in action for yourself!

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