Milwaukee M18 FUEL 7″ Variable Speed Polisher

We just got word of an upcoming addition to the Milwaukee M18 FUEL lineup — and this one will be highly sought after for automotive & boat detailers! It is the M18 FUEL 7″ Variable Speed Brushless Polisher!


Previously we reviewed the M12 Polisher/Sander (mini-version of this) that would be great for small detail work, where this new addition is going to be used for everything else. With the standard 7″ size pads, and the ability to control the speed of the polisher simply by rotating the knob on top of the grip with your thumb — you can easily buff painted and fiberglass surfaces without accidentally damaging them (burning the surface).

The length is coming in at roughly 18″ – 20″, and it looks like a hybrid tool based around the cordless angle grinder and hole hawg. The battery installs at the base of the grip, and since it is an M18 tool, it will run off of any M18 battery — from the compact versions to the (soon-to-be-released) 9.0ah High Capacity version.  Balancing the combination of weight and run time, although the high-capacity packs will last a lot longer, at awkward angles it will be much easier to maneuver and hold with the lightweight compact packs.

d handle

Here are the specs on the M18 FUEL Polisher :

  • 18v
  • Brushless Motor
  • 7″ Pad
  • 0 – 2,200 RPM
  • 5/8″-11 Spindle Thread
  • Side Handle – 2-Positions – Right & Left
  • Bail (“D”) Handle – 3-Positions = Forward, 90°, Back
  • Removable Dust Screen (like the grinder)
  • Lockable Trigger – On or Off
  • 5yr Warranty

Since they are including a lock-on style switch, this will allow you to easily control the tool with two hands for larger jobs — without having the constantly hold in on a trigger!  A big advantage over other power tools, and is one less thing for you to worry about while you are working.



Coupling the 7″ pad, brushless motor, and high-capacity 9.0ah packs — I think that this will easily last you most or even all day on just one charge!  Stay tuned for more updates about upcoming releases as we find out about them!