Mini-Ductor II – Flameless Heat System – MD-700 – MADE IN USA

We first got to see the new Mini-Ductor II Flame-less Heat System in November of last year at SEMA in Las Vegas, where they had a demonstration area set up to show how they worked, heating up the coils until they were red, stopping most people who were passing by to take a closer look.

The Mini-Ductor II can be plugged into a standard outlet, however, we also demonstrated the Mini- Ductor in the field with a generator and it worked just fine.

This is a hand-held induction that because it is flame-less, allows for safe and fast removal of frozen and corroded nuts, bolts, bearings, gears, tie rod sleeves, oxygen sensors and even nuts stuck with locking compounds.  If you are in the middle of a job and don’t have time for a specialty tool, the Mini-Ductor can quickly turn a simple everyday tool into a custom-made tool (our wrench demo for example)

O2 Sensor Removal

Mini-Ductor II Specifications

  • Kit includes three basic work coils (one pre-formed coil, one Bearing Buddy (rope) coil, a U-form coil (23″ insulated wire),
  • Carry case and instruction manual.
  • 1000 watts of nut and bolt removing power!
  • 1 yr. warranty
  • 120v / 10a / 1kw
  • Specs: 15″x2.5″/ Case 19″x5″/ Ship weight 7 lbs.

Mini-Ductor II MD-700 in case

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