OTC 3181 Heavy Duty 130-AMP Battery Load Tester

Published on Nov 28, 2014

The OTC 130-amp Load Tester is a very quick and easy way to verify that a battery is working correctly & is not “weak” or “bad”. What it will do is actually throw a load on the battery, and that will prove that it will have enough power to actually crank your vehicle’s engine….or it will show you very quickly that the battery needs to be replaced.

Whether you are using a 6v or 12v system, it can test not only the battery, but also the charging system (alternator). There is a very large easy-to-read dial on the front of the unit & the needle will move along with whatever the input voltage is. If for some reason the needle gets knocked off of zero, they even have an adjustment screw on the front that will allow you to reset it back correctly with just a standard flat screwdriver.

Two tabs on either side of the unit allow the clamps to be secure when not in use, and on the back there is a large metal bracket that will allow you to hang it on the wall for storage.

One thing to keep in mind, especially for safety reasons, is not to lay the unit down on or near anything flammable. It puts a “load” on the battery by heating up coils (which gets red hot), so you need to set it down on gravel, concrete, or asphalt after use until it cools back off.

Check the video out, and you will see how easy it is to use & how effective it is at diagnosing “good” & “bad” batteries.



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