OXX CoffeeBoxx – Portable Jobsite Coffee Maker!

When you are trying to be a responsible adult, get all your work done and try to stay awake.. it isn’t easy.. in fact it’s downright hard without the help of caffeine being pumped into your veins all day long. You know exactly what I am talking about! Don’t even try to deny it!

So what if you work outdoors? You can’t take a coffee maker outside, it’ll get ruined! Dirt will get in it, rain, bugs and Lord knows what else, but on top of that what happens if it accidentally gets wet, covered in saw dust, or you stand on it? (On accident, I mean who expects to see a coffee maker outside, honestly!)

Are you ready to be Mind blown? Because I’m ready to do just that to you.. ready? You can make coffee outdoors now AND it can be with your beloved k-cups in less than 90 seconds! BOOM! (Hey, don’t hate.. they have refillable ones so just get in on the fun and save money while make a personal cup of coffee) If you take the plastic grate off, or even remove the door of the OXX you can easily fit a 7″ tall coffee mug under it. With the removable tray, it also allows for easy clean up when needed.

Alright, so shall I get back to the point? Ah, yes, an outdoor coffee maker.. Is it battery powered? No, sadly.. maybe one day they’ll introduce that version, which, honestly would be awesome. This coffee maker has a 3 ft. retractable cord, so all you need is a power outlet and you are all set.

This coffee maker can withstand a vehicle sitting on top of it, so don’t be afraid to move it around, sit on it while you drink your brew, or play the job site barista. (Now that’s a thought!) You don’t need a table to use this, the ground or a rock will do just fine. It’s not exactly lightweight so you will need a little bit of strength to move it around.

Here are the specs on the OXX Coffeeboxx :

  • 11″ Deep
  • 9″ Wide
  • 11.5″ High
  • 12 lbs
  • 120v
  • 2.5L / 84.5oz Capacity
  • 3′ Retractable Power Cord

The OXX comes with a convenient handle, which makes it easy when you are carrying it from your vehicle to the job site or vise versa. Honestly, this would look really nice on a tool box as well and wouldn’t take up too much room. (Compare the measurements above to your tool box for more accurate results)

With the high-capacity (removable) water tank that is placed into the back of the box, refilling this OXX box is easy as it gets — just make sure that you have water on hand to refill the machine, of course! Being that the OXX is leak proof, when you are through using it for the day you can easily pick it up and go and put it back in your vehicle. If you would rather keep this next to your igloo water cooler on the back of your truck, no problem there are tie down rods that make this task simple. (Just keep in mind you’ll need a converter to plug into your vehicle’s power outlets – 12V DC to 120V AC)

So, let me be real, there’s a downside to everything, so here’s my small complaints… not battery operated, so you must have power in order to run the machine. I noticed after making a cup of coffee it dripped a little bit afterwards, not that big of a deal, but it just makes clean up more of a necessity in the short term.

I found that on the largest cup setting (12oz) I was able to use it 7 times on one tank. Is it worth the money, In my honest opinion it’s a little more pricey than a Keurig — but WAY faster & much more heavy-duty!

Check out the video (below) from the OXX YouTube Channel & stay tuned for a full video review from us later this year!