Precision Sensors Profinder 5000 (Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710)

About 3 or 4 months ago I ran across the Profinder 5000 at my local Costco, and decided to give it a shot. All of my previous experience with stud finders to this point has been “less than impressive”, since they are so prone to false readings if you dont use them exactly right. This one breaks that cycle & actually works!

After I got it, I was reading online about stud finders in general & realized that it is exactly the same unit (except for the color) of the Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710, which everyone loves. These units require no calibration, are very easy to use, and they work great.

It can scan through thick materials (up to 1.5″) to find studs, pipes, or other objects hidden beneath & because it has multiple scanners built inside, it can even detect multiple studs/objects at once. This makes installing screws/nails or cutting out drywall for a box really easy. It has a row of LEDS that light up when an object is underneath, which will allow you to mark the exact location every time.

Not only will it scan through drywall, but it can even scan through plywood with ease (flat plywood only, not siding….at least in my experience).

Check out the video to see the Profinder 710 for yourself!