Proto J150WP 1/2″ Impact – 1,260 ft-lbs MAX Torque!

Published on Oct 24, 2014

The Proto J150WP is one of the most powerful 1/2″ pneumatic impacts that money can buy….and is definitely the most well balanced.

Over the last month I have used this impact extensively on a daily basis working on vehicles & have been extremely impressed by it’s power and performance. I even went so far as to loan it out to other mechanics to get their opinions, and the answers I got will surprise you.

Guys with “top dollar” truck brand impacts basically laughed me off when I dropped the impact off & told them how much Proto sells these for…..”NO WAY is that going to touch my &%*#(#”, I heard over and over…..and one by one, they all came to the same conclusion — The Proto J150WP is better balanced & more powerful than the impacts that each of them was using on a daily basis.

I removed and installed tires on dozens of vehicles, worked on many major suspension parts, and even zipped off multiple Honda Crank Bolts with zero issues. The one time I thought it didnt have enough power, turned out to be “operator error” since I forgot to turn the power back up to setting #3.

Overall this impact is a big improvement over many others that I have used in the past, and when you look at the combination of price, power, and “how it feels in your hand”….I dont think you will easily find another impact that can compare.

Check out the video to see the Proto J150WP for yourself!


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