RIDGID Gen5X Circular Saw R8652

Earlier this year, RIDGID announced an entire new lineup of cordless tools — Gen5X……the new line is going to eventually replace the current Gen4 models, and to start out they are releasing a 5-pc kit that includes this full size 7-1/4″ Circular Saw.
Right out of the box we could feel how extremely well balanced it is — literally 50/50 weight distribution at the top of the grip & it will not tilt forward or backward at all. Once the batteries were charged up, we did a few test cuts & thought that the power levels were right on par with the other high-end cordless saws that we’ve checked out recently (Milwaukee M18 FUEL, Makita 36V LXT X2, Hilti 36V).

After spending a lot of time & cutting up a ton of material, we have found a new “winner” for the top spot in circular saw runtime testing!

  • Through 2x4s we were able to get an extreme 234 cuts on one charge!

  • Through 7/16″ OSB we got a whopping 85 cuts (340 board feet)!

This is by far the most cuts per battery charge that we have seen to this date — and that is with a brushed motor! RIDGID decided not to opt for the brushless motor in this unit & from our testing we now see why — It doesnt need it! They kept the cost low & performance high….it is a win/win for everyone.

Like most full size circular saws, the Gen5X is going to be designed for “right handed use” just like any standard corded skilsaw variety circular saws. From all the comments we have gotten over the last year, it seems that right handed saws are prevalent on the East Coast & left handed (wormdrive) saws are typical on jobsites on the West Coast. Keep that in mind if you are looking at one of these, if you are used to the wormdrive variety, these may take some getting used to.

The Circular Saw is going to be part of the larger 5-pc kit initially & will be released individually later this summer if you dont need the other tools in that combo kit. But….for the $499 pricetag for 5 tools, 2 batteries, a tool bag, and a charger — it is hard to beat.

Also, because these are RIDGID power tools, they are covered by RIDGID’s Lifetime Service Agreement. So as long as you register them within 90 days of purchase, you will qualify for FREE batteries, FREE parts, and FREE service — For life!