Ryobi 18v ONE+ Custom Combo Event

I was walking through the Home Depot tonight, and noticed a Ryobi sale that is going on — The ONE+ Custom Combo Event.

Not sure how we missed this before, but it is valid now through April 30th & is a great way to join the Ryobi family, while saving a lot doing it!  They have a wide range of tools that qualify, and basically you buy two of them & get a FREE Battery/Charger combo.  Keep in mind that all 18v ONE+ tools will work with all 18v ONE+ batteries (drills, saws, and even lawnmowers!).

Looking through the available options, we decided to pick up one of the new 3-speed 1/2″ Impact Wrenches & Impact Drivers.  Recently with all the Torque Testing that we have been doing on other impact wrenches, a lot of questions have been coming back about the new Ryobi version — so this looked like a great opportunity to snag one & get a free battery and charger in the process.  Coming in a 300 ft-lbs, it is more than enough for most DIYers or Shadetree Mechanics….and should be able to complete most automotive repairs easily.  I am looking forward to checking this one out and seeing what it can actually do.

IMG_2345 (1024x768)

Over the years, our experiences with Ryobi have been very positive.  I think for a DIYer…..it is one of the best tool lines to invest in, since they do NOT change their battery platform, and if you have a 10+ yr old Ryobi drill….the new batteries are fully compatible with it.  Unlike most brands that change battery styles — and when it is time to replace, you cant find a new battery…..leaving you to buy a whole other drill.  With them, they have committed to never changing their 18v battery style & are continuing to expand the lineup.

When it comes to professionals….the Airstrike Nailers are one to look at.  I consider them to be the best tools in the ONE+ lineup (that we have tested so far), and on one high-capacity charge they can easily shoot over 1,000 nails!  No jambs, no misfires.

Normally the sale price on the battery/charger combo is $59 — but it knocked that down to $0.00 (with the purchase of the two qualifying tools).  Although the battery that comes in the kit is not one of the high capacity versions, it is still a lithium pack (not Ni-CAD), and will power the tools exactly the same way.

One thing I have learned over the years…..you can never have enough batteries……

Here is a list of qualifying tools :