Ryobi P135 6-Port SuperCharger 18v ONE+

Ryobi just released the complete redesign of their popular 6-port SuperCharger — making it more compact, easier to carry, and with extra features that will help out in the garage.

p135 (7)

The P135 is compatible with all 18v ONE+ batteries, and can charge any of the compact or high capacity packs (Ni-cad or Li-ion).  It is a sequential charger, and will only charge one battery at a time.  Although some people may prefer to charge multiple batteries at once, that does use a lot more power & can quickly overload a circuit (popping a breaker).  By sticking with the 1-at-a-time design, this uses the same amount of power as a standard fast charger — allowing you to still use other outlets on the circuit without running the risk of overloading anything.

The big advantage of a multi-port charger is the ability to “plug in” up to 6 batteries, walk away, and when you return they will all be charged.  If you consider a standard single-port charger, it also can charge multiple batteries — but you are stuck running back and forth to check the status & then you have to continually swap batteries as they charge (wasting your time & taking longer).

p135 (6)

Looking at the new P135 compared to the previous P125 version, you can see first hand how much smaller the new unit is.  It is shorter and thinner…..with the only dimension being larger is the height.  Considering the limited workbench space that most people have, an added bonus of the new version is it’s ability to have 3 options for using it.

  • Setting flat on the bench
  • Standing upright on one end
  • Hanging on the wall

This solves the footprint issue, and compared to a couple regular 1-port chargers — it would be smaller than two of them side-by-side.  The P135 chargers faster than the normal “grey” version, and at the same speed as the P117 Fast Charger (green).  We ran down 6 batteries fully, plugged them in, and in less than 5 hours they were all fully charged and ready to go.

On one side they included a 2-amp USB port, which is activated anytime the charger is plugged in.  We tested this on multiple USB devices (including an iPhone) and it worked great!  The unit overall is coming in a just over 4lbs (minus batteries), and is very easy to carry around with the large handle.

One safety feature that is built-in are slots for the locking tabs on the batteries to “click into”.  This will prevent you from accidentally dropping a battery from an insecure slot (like some other chargers), and once you click them in place — you cannot remove them without pressing in the tabs like you would when removing them from a tool.  This is a big help if you want to transport your batteries & charger to a jobsite or across the house — no need to remove them, just lock them in & carry it all by the handle.

If you are a serious DIYer or Homeowner, and are looking for one tool brand to invest in — keep in mind that Ryobi not only has a lot (over 50) power tools in the 18v ONE+ lineup, it also has numerous outdoor tools that use the same batteries.  Things like a weed-eater, blower, hedge-trimmer, and mower all use the exact same batteries as your drill — and with this charger you can keep them all charged and ready to go, no matter what you are working on.

Like all Ryobi cordless tools, this is covered by a 3-yr warranty.  If you have any issues with it during that time, just contact them and they will fix or replace it for you — Free of Charge.

Check out the full video review by clicking here to see it for yourself!