Ryobi P731 – Cordless Inflator/Deflator – 18v ONE+

Published on Nov 20, 2014

If you are already an owner of any Ryobi 18v ONE+ tool…then you already have what you need to power this really useful/unique tool. It is a cordless battery-powered air compressor/inflator/deflator.

Over the last few months I have used this unit a lot, and have been very happy with the results. It quickly inflates rafts, tubes, tires, mattresses or anything else you need…and because of the deflate mode, it will suck the air back out of them just as fast. For anyone (like me) that was used to the “old way” of blowing up an air mattress by myself, then you already know why something like this would be so useful to have around.

Another big plus as far as I am concerned is that you can put it in your trunk, and if you happen to get a nail in your tire, there will be no waiting on a tow truck to come get you! You already will have what you need to inflate the tire back up and drive to the repair shop. I honestly think if you ever have to use it one time, it is going to more than pay for itself.

The P731 comes in at $40 at the Home Depot (no batteries or charger included). If you are thinking of the ONE+ lineup, or want to expand what you already own…..definitely check out one of these!



Check out the Ryobi P731 at Home Depot — http://www.homedepot.com/p/Ryobi-18-V…