SK Tools X-Frame Ratcheting Wrench – MADE IN USA

We first got to see the new SK Tools X-Frame Ratcheting Wrenches in November of last year at SEMA in Las Vegas, where they had a demonstration area set up to highlight them.  Instead of just using a standard wrench that they already make & adding a ratcheting box end, SK decided to re-work the whole tool to come up with something completely new & different.The X-Frame has numerous unique and very useful features that really make it stand apart from the competition, and this became very apparent the first time I used one.

The first thing that stands out is the extremely low swing arc (movement needed to hear a “click”) & it is by far the lowest out of any ratcheting wrench on the market today with an ultra-low 1.7 degree swing.  To put that in perspective, the second hand on a clock turns 6 degrees each click….so literally the X-beam would click 3 times for each second on the dial of your watch.

Next would be the open end — it has a non-slip design & has small “teeth” and other indentations machined into it, which will give it a non-slip (aka gripping) technology.  This is very similar to the Snap-on Flank Drive+ or WrightGRIP design, and will allow you to latch on and remove stuck/seized/damaged fasteners where a normal wrench will simply slip off & round over the corners.

The box end, aside from being the ratcheting portion, also features a 6-point design that has the added benefit of not only giving you a very positive engagement with the fastener, but also will prevent accidental “slipping” which in turn can & will damage fasteners.


SK Hand Tools 80019 - 12 Pc. 8mm - 19mm X-Frame Ratcheting Wrench Set - SKT-80019The beam is also unique, and features openings on either side that at first glance may appear to merely be cosmetic — however, during the presentation that we saw at SEMA, it was proven that SK Tools actually used infrared heat mapping to see where the stress points were on the wrench & realized that a solid beam design (like a normal wrench) was causing the wrenches to be artificially weakened.  They use this new upgraded beam design to not only give it a unique look, but also strengthen the entire wrench without sacrificing it’s light weight.

These are 100% made in the USA & carry a lifetime warranty from SK Tools against manufacturer defects.