Snow Joe 18″ 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Hybrid Snow Blower

We’ve been itching to use this Snow Joe ever since it arrived on the doorstep, and although that calls for snow (which we aren’t thrilled about having) we were still excited to use this anyway…but we weren’t expecting over 2 feet of snow.  Where we live, that’s not the norm!

So, in this video review we go over the specs of the Snow Joe, There are three options that you can choose from when operating this snow blower, one of them being, using a 40v battery.  This will clear off your driveway/sidewalks without a problem.. Should last you just under an hour of run time.

You can also use the AC power mode or use a generator. In this video review we used the battery option to snow blow the drive way and part of our walkway, and then demonstrate the difference in power between the battery and using a generator.

We would be lying to you if we said we didn’t end up using the generator as well as the battery option during the snow storm.  There was just too much snow to keep up with! However, we were pleased with what it did clear on a single battery charge.

Note:  We used the snow blower throughout the snow fall that evening and so that’s why the amount of snow is the video is significantly lower.