Sunex 1500 LB Wheel Dolly — Move your car in tight spaces with no help!

Sunex is expanding their extensive line of shop equipment to include a new set of wheel dollies!  Each one is rated at 1,500 LBs — making a set of 4 able to safely move 6,000 LBs with no additional help.

These will allow you to easily maneuver your car, truck, SUV, lawnmower, ATV, or golf cart by yourself & with no need to start the engine.  Literally just slide these under each wheel — tighten them up — and go!

The idea is fairly simple… basically have two parts that ratchet together.  They force themselves under your tire, and in a few clicks the car is off the ground with all the weight resting on the casters.  You can then roll your vehicle (up to 6,000 lbs) around a solid surface with ease.

Unfortunately since the casters are solid & small, they will not work on loose gravel or grass.  You do need a solid surface such as concrete or asphalt for the casters to roll properly.  When you position your vehicle where you want it, you can either remove the dollies — or just lock the casters and leave them in place to move the car back!

Storing an awkward sized piece of shop equipment can be hard to do — and if you are like me, space is always at a premium.  If you think about these… wouldn’t be one thing to store… would be 4 over-sized pieces of equipment!  Luckily Sunex also makes a rolling storage rack (Model # 7709) for them to keep things organized and out of the way.

sunex dolly

Here are the specs on the Wheel Dollies :

  • Model 7708
  • Ratcheting Action (no hydraulics to leak)
  • Locking Outboard Casters
  • 1,500 LB Capacity (each)
  • Diamond Plate Pedal
  • Built-in Carrying Handle
  • 35 lbs
  • Rack-mountable (Rack sold separately)

Previously we have “tried” using the cheap-o versions from Harbor Freight.  They are highly over-rated, and to sum them up in one word — JUNK!  Literally you cannot even slide a car around on them, they will not move.  In fact, using them with a riding lawnmower was the heaviest thing we could use & still have the tiny casters roll.  Save your money & frustration — you do get what you pay for.  The Harbor Freight versions came home, failed, and have been hanging on the same wall in our carport for the last three years — complete waste of money.

There are many versions of high-quality wheel dollies on the market today, and these are coming in very reasonably from what we have seen elsewhere.  If you collect cars, are limited on room, or just need to occasionally move around your vehicles or equipment — check out the new 7708 Wheel Dollies from Sunex.

*** Each Dolly is sold separately — You must buy 4 to complete one set ***