TEKTON 1882 – 3/8″ Socket Organizer – MADE IN USA

In this review I will go over what makes the TEKTON 1882 different from standard socket rails, how to install sockets, and some “drop tests” so you can see how it will hold up.

The TEKTON 1882 is compatible with any 3/8″ drive sockets, extensions, adapters, or universal joints…..and with optional side attachment, you can carry your ratchet & longer extensions along with the 1882 itself.

This is another MADE IN USA product that TEKTON carries, and I think that it is well made & will be the perfect solution for many people that are looking for an upgrade over the standard metal socket rails.

It has a free lifetime replacement guarantee….so if you ever have a problem with it, you can call TEKTON & they will replace the parts you need for free.

Check out the video & I think you will like it as well.

Click here to check out the TEKTON 1882 Socket Organizer