The Hangman – MADE IN USA

Published on Dec 4, 2014

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For those of us who don’t like making 10 trips up & down a ladder every time we are working on a project like cleaning out gutters, painting, trimming trees, or even installing lights….this very unique accessory is definitely something to consider.

It works pretty much with any standard extension ladder, and slips in the open end of the rungs (steps you climb up). Once you tighten it down by hand it is locked in place, at which point you can load it down with up to 35lbs worth of tools, paint, or whatever else you have that you are working with.

Since the unit is fully adjustable, it is easy to level off with a simple twist of a thumb-wheel. So, no matter if your ladder is going almost straight up, or you are at a weird angle, the Hangman will adjust to however you need it.

It is 100% made & assembled in the USA, and is constructed out of machined aluminum for a long trouble-free life.

Check out the video to see it for yourself!