Wera Joker Wrenches

The Wera Joker wrenches are a unique design over the standard combination wrenches that we have all used for years. They feature a ratcheting box end, and a very unusual open end that incorporates a 6-pt & 12-pt design. By utilizing a backer plate, they not only add strength when dealing with tight fasteners….but also a way to physically hold nuts/bolts in place while installing them — without the use of magnets or the risk of accidentally dropping them.

If you pick up one of the wrench sets, they also include a very nice wrench roll that holds the entire set in place very well & prevents the accidental loss of tools.

Overall, they have a unique feel & design. I like the satin finish on them, and they are very comfortable to use. If you are looking for a well made set of wrenches, these are some you should absolutely consider adding to your tool collection.


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