Wilton ATV All Terrain Vise

The Wilton ATV is a unique vise in the sense that it is designed not only to be used in a standard 2″ receiver for on-the-road use, but they give you the option of also using this in the garage/shop with an included 2″ bench mount bracket.

Because of the large 6″ wide jaws & 5″ throat depth, the Wilton ATV will handle pretty much anything that you need secured, and with 1-ton of clamping force….whatever you lock down, is not going anywhere.

A really useful feature is the spring-loaded articulating handle that can be re-positioned once you secure something in the vise. This makes using power tools (such as band saws) a lot easier to maneuver, since you aren’t having to work around them to cut the workpiece — but more importantly, you can move the handle back into the “12 o’clock” position when/if you need to move the vehicle with something in the jaws. That way there is almost no chance of you accidentally snagging something & damaging the vise.
If for some reason the 2″ receiver that you are using has some “play” in it once you slide the vise in place, they also have 4 separate adjustment bolts that expand/contract to widen the physical area of the 2″ bar, to ensure a very tight fit.

When you couple those features, along with the Wilton Lifetime Warranty — it makes the ATV vise a great option, not only for the on-the-road applications, but also one to consider for the shop.

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