Craftsman Professional 37310 Accu-cut

In this review I will go over one of my favorite tools for cutting hoses/tubing….the Craftsman Professional 37310 Accu-cut.

I first saw a pair of these in my grandfather’s garage when I helped him replace the fuel lines on his lawnmower & was pleasantly surprised with how easily it cut the rubber line and how nice of a cut it made. I then went to Sears and picked up a pair for myself & have used them many times since.

Although they do have multiple “uses”, I would caution people from replacing their standard safety razor with the Accu-cut, simply because the blades do cost a lot more & are harder to find. As far as cutting fuel lines and tubing (what I use them for), the performance is flawless & they consistently do a great job. For the last year I have used the installed blade & it is still as sharp as it was new….and if I ever need to replace it, there are 3 free additional blades already in the handle. So, I dont see myself wearing this tool out anytime soon.

Check out the video, and you will see how great it cuts through tubing and fuel lines….and if you are a DIYer or professional, the Accu-cut might just be exactly what you are looking for.