Knipex Cobra Pliers – MADE IN GERMANY

Published on Oct 3, 2014

Click here to buy a pair of the Knipex Cobra Pliers —…

If you have never tried the Knipex Cobras before, you are going to be just as pleasantly surprised with them as I was! They are unlike any pliers that I have ever used, and literally “lock in & dont let go”!

About a year ago I had a broken off bolt that I had to remove from a cast iron exhaust manifold…..long story short, I watched a YouTube video from “Realfixesrealfast” here —… that was using a pair of the Knipex Alligator Pliers (same idea as the cobras, but not as easy to adjust) & they removed a broken bolt with relative ease. Instead of paying the extra for a pair I knew would work (Knipex), I went with a cheaper pair and the teeth rounded over almost instantly & I ended up having to spend hours drilling the bolt out.

I am 100% impressed by the fit, feel, and quality on these Knipex Cobras & I can see why everyone raves about them. They are my new favorite pair of pliers.

Check out the video to see how well they work for yourself!