Makita 18v Folding Bicycle….are you ready to “go green”?

Years ago a popular add-on for your bike was a small motor that took over when you didnt want to pedal — essentially making it a “somewhat legal” moped.  Now it seems that Makita has taken that to the next level, and is coupling that idea with their very popular 18v LXT Lithium Battery Packs!  In non-US markets, you can now find a fully-functional bicycle made by Makita with the cyclist, local commuter, retiree, or cool-gadget enthusiast in mind!

Makita 18v LXT Folding Bicycle BBY180

Powered by the Makita 18v LXT batteries, this has a rear-hub driven motor that “assists” you in pedaling — meaning that it will apply torque along with your feet to turn the wheels — greatly reducing the amount of energy (from you) required to move the bike along.  Think about riding into the wind VS having the wind at your back —- now think about riding into the wind & feeling like the wind is at your back —- Makita is taking over some of the pedaling for you!

Unlike a moped, where you can ride along and not pedal at all, this bike does not completely take over all the work.  You are still required to pedal, and if you need help — just turn the dial 1-5 and select how much you want Makita to do.  The lower the assistance, the longer the runtimes.


The specs on this are :

  • 18v LXT compatible
  • 2 Battery slots (for double run-times — only 1 needed to operate)
  • Folding for easy storage
  • 46 lbs
  • 9+ miles of “assist mode” on 2 fully charged batteries
  • Handlebar bell — included

Storing this would be no issues —- and realistically you can fold it in half, and store it in your backseat or trunk if you wanted to go pedal around the local park!  In my opinion with it’s relatively low center of gravity, high handlebars, and powered-assist mode — it is PERFECT for seniors!  In fact, it would be very easy to stow a couple of these along with the lawn chairs in your RV — and no matter where you are camping (beach, mountains, city, or the National Park)….you would have the freedom to enjoy the trails, without pushing yourself physically.


Hopefully these are something that Makita will bring the USA!  I think with the extreme amount of RVers and travelers out there — this could be the “must-have” camping accessory very soon!