Milwaukee M12 Variable Speed Polisher/Sander 2438-22X

This is the newest offering in Milwaukee’s M12 lineup, and is an innovative solution for auto-detailers and mechanics all in one unit.

They built in some cool features with this, that will allow you to use polishing pads & standard 2″ ROLOC discs by incorporating two different speed settings that is ideal for each mode. Speed #1 will be polishing mode & the pad will spin at 2,800 RPMs……but, if you want to use sanding discs, just bump it to speed #2 & now you are spinning at 8,300 RPMs to remove tough baked-on gaskets on things like cylinder heads, engine blocks, exhaust manifolds, or intakes.

In this video I will go over the features of this tool, I will show you what comes in the kit, and you will get to see it actually being used.

*** CORRECTION : The 2438-22X kit includes a 1.5 & 3.0 battery, not a 2.0 & 4.0 battery. ***

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