Proto ASD Ratcheting Spline Combination Wrenches – MADE IN USA

For many years I have used ratcheting wrenches, and for many years I have had a love/hate relationship with them. They seemed like a great idea when they first came out & after continual issues with earlier designs (by other manufacturers), they became one of those tools “of last resort”.

The problems that arise with many of them is the fact that they do not have directional change switches, and to go from loosening to tightening, you literally had to remove the wrench and flip it over. Easy as that may sound, it is impossible in many cases when there is no clearance to remove the tool (i.e. – tensioner/idler pulleys next to the frame) & what was going to be a 5 minute repair, ends up taking an hour since you got the wrench stuck!

The other big issue I have with other varieties is the fact that many of them are completely flat with no offset on the box end (to accommodate the fact you need to flip the wrench) & you end up scraping your fingers/hands/knuckles on things while working on a car.

Proto has eliminated the issues that I previously have had with ratcheting wrenches, and finally I have a set that I enjoy using! They have the directional switch not only built-in, but also recessed….that way it is not catching on your thumb or anything else while you use it & it wont accidentally switch directions on you.

They gave the boxed end a 15 degree offset from the handle & that allows you to freely move the wrench without “busting your knuckles”.

And another huge plus, is the fact that they are “long pattern” aka much longer than standard wrenches & it allows you to gain a lot of additional leverage, and helps break loose stubborn bolts/nuts with a lot less effort.

The sets come in 4 varieties :

JSCV-11SA (SAE – 1/4″ – 3/4″)
JSCV-18SA (SAE – 1/4″ – 1 1/4″)
JSCVM-14SA (Metric – 6mm – 19mm)
JSCVM-20SA (Metric – 6mm – 32mm)

Check out the video to see all the features of the Proto ASD Ratcheting Wrenches for yourself!

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