Top 5 TEKTON Tools!

Looking for quality automotive hand tools that you can actually afford?  You just found them!

Over the past few years we have reviewed many different tools from Tekton, and overwhelming it has been a positive experience.  In addition to that, viewer comments continue to pour in thanking us for featuring them — after the viewers bought them & have the same results as us.

What makes Tekton different?

It can really be summed up in 3 main points.  First, the quality of many of their tools are in line with the higher end brands at a fraction of the price.  If you compare a set of their sockets to a similar set from one of the tool trucks….the Tekton tools will not only compete — they beat them in many cases.

Next, most of their tool sets do not skip sizes.  This is a huge “pet peeve” of mine — why do tool companies do this?  Simple!  To save money & still charge you full price.  They claim that sizes “not typically used” aren’t included, but as we all know, the one size that is not included is typically the one you are searching for!  Tekton has many sets of sockets & wrenches that include all Metric and SAE sizes.  This means that if the size that you are looking for is within a certain range (for example — between 10mm-24mm) it is included in the set.

Finally, the warranty could NOT be any better!  All Tekton hand tools are “Always Guaranteed“.  This means as long as you own the tool, it is covered.  If you ever have an issue with a Tekton hand tool, they will fix or replace it for you free of charge.  Now I know what you are thinking — “yeah sure, what makes them special?“.  Well, here is what makes them special — they don’t require that you drive to a store, mail in the tool, find your original receipt, or give a blood sample.  If you simply email or call them, explain the problem you are having & send over a picture of the broken tool, a new one will be mailed out to you (usually the SAME day) at no charge!

Here are our top 5 picks!


#5 – Composite Ratchets – 1/4″, 3/8″, & 1/2″ (Model # 1456, 1457, & 1458)

Composite?  Why?

Well….they are comfortable, have a metal-core, and don’t have huge temperature swings like a standard metal ratchet that will burn you in the summer & freeze you in the winter.

Each of the 3 sizes have a 72-tooth design — equaling a low 5° swing arc.  The quick release button on the rear needs to be pressed in order to install/remove sockets (meaning the socket wont accidentally pop off).

Finally, the composite coating actually protects your car, truck, or motorcycle from getting scratched.  Since it wont be metal on metal — or metal on paint contact, the chances of damaging what you are working on is minimized (think of working on your chromed out Harley).


#4 – 3/8″ Metric/SAE 45-pc Socket Set (Model # 13101)

This is one of the most useful socket sets that I own.

Covering a wide range of sizes in both Metric & SAE sizes — without skipping any sizes.  It has a range of 8mm – 19mm & 5/16″ – 3/4″.  In addition to including all the sizes that you will need, it also has deep & shallow sockets.  All of the sockets are a 6-pt design (vs 12-pt which would be more prone to rounding over fasteners).

A 72-tooth ratchet, 2 extensions, universal joint, & blow mold case are also included.  By putting all of these together into one set, it will cover pretty much any repair/project that you will run into around the house or garage.

Typically I will keep this set in the back of my vehicle — so when/if I run into a problem on the road, I am good to go.  Think about a burnt out taillight……a couple bolts & $1 bulb is a lot better to swap out in a parking lot than risking $100 ticket on the way home.


#3 – Extra-Long Flex-Head Double Box End Ratcheting Wrenches (Model # WRN77164 & WRN77062)

Thin & lots of leverage!

A ratcheting wrench couples the advantages of a ratchet (speed) + a wrench (thickness).  If you think of a tight space, you would typically be stuck using a wrench if there isn’t enough room to use a ratchet & socket — but with ratcheting wrenches, you still have the speed & also a much narrower profile.

As opposed to standard ratcheting wrenches, these actually have a lot more leverage due to the length.  The flex head design means that you don’t need a direct line of sight onto the nut/bolt — with the only real negative is that these are not reversible.  (Unlike certain models that have a directional switch that works exactly like a ratchet, these will require that you remove them & rotate the wrench 180° and reinstall in order to change directions).


#2 – 3/8″ & 1/2″ Extra-Long Ratchets (Model # 15013 & 15010)

No need for a breaker bar!

Normal ratchets work well work most nuts/bolts…..but what happens when one is rusty or way too tight?  You end up adding on a pipe, bringing out a breaker bar, using an impact wrench, or giving up!

One of the most useful times that I bring these out, is when I need to change the oil in a vehicle (after they last went to a quick-lube place).  Typically if the last guy didn’t bother torquing the drain plug correctly, or used an impact wrench on it, it is basically impossible to remove with a standard ratchet or wrench.  Using the same socket on one of these will give you a lot of extra torque & removing the drain plug takes maybe 2 seconds.

Aside from that, the length allows you to reach places that nothing else will fit (for example along the side of an engine or around your radiator).  Since you can easily reach deeper into a vehicle than other ratchets or wrenches, it makes repairs much quicker.


#1 – Metric 1/2″ Deep Impact Sockets (Model # 4883)

Best impact socket set for the money?  This is it!

The 4883 set has no skipped sizes (10mm – 24mm) and has everything neatly organized in a slim blow-mold case.  Since these are 1/2″ drive, I use them with full size impacts as well as compact versions.  Remember, if you use exclusively a particular drive size for your impacts & air ratchets, you wont have to buy multiple socket sets in order to complete a job.  If you have a 1/2″ full size impact wrench & 3/8″ stubby — you will ideally need two sets of sockets VS only one.

I really like that they have such a deep broach depth.  Unlike some MUCH higher-priced competitors, the broach depth on the Tekton sockets will allow you to slip them over a wider range of nuts/bolts without “bottoming out”.

If you have a cordless impact wrench & this set —- keep them in your truck……you will be glad that you did.

Tekton hand tools are “Always Guaranteed” — If you ever run into a problem with them, they will fix/replace them for you FREE OF CHARGE!

One of the biggest advantages of any manufacturer will be the warranty.  Most claim to have a “lifetime warranty“, but looking into their actual policies will typically make you return them to the point of sale, with the original receipt, and on your dime.

Tekton does not play those games (which are specifically designed to prevent warranty claims by making it not cost-effective for you to pursue anything).  What makes them different is the fact that they only need a quick phone call or email from you telling them about the problem — then shoot them over a picture of the damaged tool & they will mail you out a replacement typically the SAME DAY!  No return needed, no postage needed, & actually a true “lifetime warranty“.  They eat the cost — not you.

Check out the full video to see the Top 5 picks for yourself!